Fushu Daiko (Japan Arts Inc) educates and enriches the South Florida community by presenting traditional Japanese performing arts in a modern and innovative form that is unique to South Florida – reflecting the multicultural make-up of our ensemble and the South Florida culture in which we live.

In performances, classes, workshops, and community outreach programs, we promote healthy individuals and connected communities through the energetic experience of taiko drumming.

Fushu Daiko was founded in 1990 by Yoshiko Cane, an immigrant Japanese woman, and her husband, Charles Cane, an American man, who were initially involved in traditional Japanese dance and theatre. They became passionate about the art of Japanese ensemble drumming called “taiko” after watching festival performances in South Florida by a founder of North American Taiko, Grandmaster Seiichi Tanaka and his San Francisco Taiko Dojo group.

Lacking the availability of taiko drumming locally, Fushu Daiko founders hand-made many drums, began the choreography and music development, and founded the philosophical principles that guide Fushu Daiko to this day. From simpler beginnings at the founders’ home in Plantation, Fushu Daiko now trains regularly at its dojo in Davie, Florida. As taiko is taught through oral tradition and requires specific teaching, Fushu Daiko’s Taiko training lineage includes assistance in its early years from Grandmaster Seiichi Tanaka, Sensei Takemasa Ishikura of Orlando, Florida Matsuriza (residents at Disney’s Epcot), and other teachers.

The nature of taiko drumming itself offers many healing and spiritual benefits.  The effects created by entraining rhythms within and between the drummers and audiences enhance and align biorhythms.  This strengthens the immune system, releases toxins, and helps to increase a state of wellbeing.  Taiko drummers find practicing and performing can be a great stress relief. 

The respect and rituals of the traditional taiko practice help to create a sense of value and honor between each other and for our elders and teachers. The efforts made within a group setting like a dojo can result in greater achievements than any individual will accomplish alone.   By practicing taiko drumming, communication skills are improved and self-confidence inbuilt.  The strenuous physical activity that taiko requires keeps the muscles in shape and helps to release pent up or unresolved emotions.