March 2 & 3, 2024  11Am - 5Pm
Tropical Park, 7900 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33155

$15 Adult, $5 Kids Ages 6-12, $0 Under 6
Experience Authentic Street Food, Asian Souvenirs, and More

Dive into the Flavors of Asia at Our Lively Event

We invite you to immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of Asia at our lively event. As we strive to represent various Asian cultures, we curate a diverse selection of food vendors, appreciating both local talents and those who travel great distances to share their culinary expertise. While we may not always be able to feature vendors from every country due to scheduling and availability, we kindly ask for your recommendations to ensure inclusivity in our upcoming events.

Each vendor brings their unique style of cooking and a wide array of food offerings, providing you with a delightful variety to choose from. While we make every effort to verify and showcase each vendor’s items, there are simply too many to include all in our posts. Please visit the stands to discover the delicious options of the day.

Kitty Boba Teahouse

Crafted with passion and care, Kitty’s boba creations are a fusion of fresh & quality ingredients. Our menu consists of milk teas, fruit teas, matcha and coffee.

Dot's Thai Food

Savor our mouthwatering Thai-style pad Thai, delectable fried rice, succulent grilled chicken, and comforting noodle soup.

Lutong Pinoy Filipino Cuisine

From street food, Binalot, Silog’s, grilled meats and seafood, to all-time Pinoy favorites, each entrée is meticulously prepared, cooked fresh.

Tio Paella

Paella, the iconic Spanish dish, takes on a delightful Asian twist! Let’s celebrating the love for rice shared by many Asians, and indulge in a harmonious fusion of flavors.

Luus Rolls 4 U

Step into our food truck or pop-up tent and experience the vibrant flavors and authentic taste of Vietnam. Our skilled chefs meticulously prepare each dish with the freshest, high-quality ingredients, ensuring every bite is a burst of deliciousness.

Nirala Sweet & Restaurant

Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi Cuisine, expertly crafted by its talented chefs. But that’s not all – they are also a haven for lovers of homemade Indian and Pakistani sweets.

Tealiteful Bubble Tea

Sip on our Tealiteful Bubble Tea, refreshing and flavorful world of organic juices with a twist, lovingly handcrafted with passion and care, using only the freshest organic ingredients.

Are Thai Dessert

Experience the delightful crunch of Fried Bananas, paired perfectly with a drizzle of sweet syrup, or savor the delicate layers of Pandan Custard, a velvety treat with a hint of pandan leaf essence. Let our authentic Thai desserts captivate your senses and leave you craving more.

Cool & Creamy

Soft serve Ice Cream, the epitome of cool and creamy indulgence. We take pride in crafting the most delightful sundaes, cones, and milkshakes for our beloved customers.

Zuru Ramen Bar

Discover the art of ramen with our bowls brimming with perfectly seasoned meats, fresh vegetables, and aromatic spices. From classic favorites to innovative creations, there is a bowl of ramen here for every palate.

Taste of Laos

Our menu is a celebration of bold flavors and authentic culinary traditions, bringing you an unforgettable street food experience.

Tasty Thai Treasures

Experience a culinary journey to Thailand with our exquisite range of authentic Thai sausages, Thai chilies, and Thai dried food.

Rasoi Indian Kitchen

Our menu features a variety of dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and traditional spices. From savory tandoori chicken to creamy palak paneer, we have something to satisfy every appetite.

Changnoi Thai Lao Fusion

Rice Bowl Thai Lao Fusion from Tennessee to Miami!  With each mouthwatering bite, experience the perfect harmony of tangy, sweet, and spicy flavors that will leave you craving for more.


Experience a culinary adventure filled with bold spices, fresh ingredients, and authentic recipes handed down through generations. Our diverse menu captures the essence of Thailand’s bustling street food culture.

Ssnt Ice Cream

Delightful frozen treat with our irresistible selection of Blue Bunny Rich Ice Cream, Good Humor Popsicle, Scoop Ice Cream, and Sodas & Fruit Drink.


Authentic Thai Sausage, Thai Chili. Bursting with aromatic spices and the perfect amount of heat, these sausages will transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of Thailand.

Tropical Chinese Restaurant

Experience a culinary journey to Thailand with our exquisite range of authentic Thai sausages, Thai chilies, and Thai dried food.

Sushi Ko

Authentic Japanese Yakitori, Bento, and Yakisoba, among other delectable dishes. Discover the rich heritage of standard Japanese cooked food.


Indulge in the vibrant flavors of Thai and Lao cuisine while sipping on refreshing bubble tea at the Asian Culture Festival.

Tropical Fruit & Vegetable Society of the Redland

Indulge in the delightful symphony of tropical fruit ice cream sundaes and immerse yourself in the lush world of nature with a few plants to call your own.

SBL Taiyaki

Vietnamese steamed pork buns, freshly made Japanese Taiyaki, a delightful fish-shaped pastry filled with your choice of filling. Liquid Death brand water cans, fresh pressed sugarcane juice, Laos mini coconut pancakes, deep fried banana, and more.

CoCo Market

Indulge in this tropical delight and quench your thirst while enjoying the authentic taste of coconut. At Coco Market, we take pride in using only the finest ingredients to create refreshing beverages that transport you to paradise.