In North Korea, a rich tapestry of holidays and festivals awaits, providing a window into the vibrant culture and history of this enigmatic nation. Join us as we journey through a calendar bustling with commemorations and spirited celebrations.


Kim Il Sung Birthday Celebration: On April 15, North Korea pays homage to its esteemed founding father, Kim Il Sung. Amidst the captivating backdrop of Pyongyang, grand military parades and jubilant festivities grace the capital city, while smaller events sprinkle merriment across the nation.


May Day (International Workers’ Day): May 1st sees North Korea unite with the world in celebrating International Workers’ Day. In the heart of Pyongyang, Toesongsan Park transforms into a captivating haven for a massive folk festival, accompanied by spirited sporting events and captivating parades.


Dragon Boat Festival: Reminiscent of its Chinese counterpart, North Korea proudly embraces the annual Dragon Boat Festival with exhilarating races. As spring awakens, usually in early June, participants and visitors alike can partake in this approved tour activity, weaving through the picturesque landscapes of Pyongyang.


Victory Day: July 27 marks Victory Day, commemorating the signing of the Korean War armistice. Dancing and parades envelop the nation, uniting its citizens to honor the pivotal moment in history.


Liberation Day: On August 15, North Korea reverberates with exuberance as Liberation Day takes center stage amidst the mesmerizing Mass Games festival held within Pyongyang’s main stadium. Here, traditions blend seamlessly with state ideology, captivating spectators from near and far.


Workers’ Party of Korea Foundation Day: October 10th signifies the momentous founding of North Korea’s Workers’ Party. Embrace the opportunity to witness the renowned Mass Dances and the grand finale of the legendary Arirang Mass Games in Pyongyang, as the nation gathers to honor its ruling elite.


These mesmerizing celebrations invite you to delve deeper into North Korea’s captivating culture and rich history. Discover the harmonious fusion of tradition and state ideology, offering a glimpse into a world rarely seen. So come, embark on an extraordinary journey through the heart of North Korea’s festivities and experience the magic for yourself.

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